Conducting a Search

LegalWorks handles all aspects of an attorney’s job search. We try to provide the maximum in service with a minimum investment of the attorney’s time. LegalWorks offers resume preparation services, counseling concerning interviewing and in-depth information regarding specific employment opportunities, compensation and trends in the legal market.

LegalWorks will conduct each job search in a discreet, confidential and personalized manner. Opportunities are presented selectively and with deliberation, based on the personality and goals of the individual. With respect to partner searches, attention is given to billing rates, compensation issues and practice group compatibility.

Once an attorney provides LegalWorks with a resume, we only will submit it to each firm or corporation with the attorney’s specific authorization. Resumes typically are presented to the hiring partner or Director of Human Resources, along with a detailed cover letter, which we prepare. LegalWorks will interface directly with the employer, make follow up phone calls and schedule interviews This preserves confidentially and minimizes the demands on your time.

There is no cost to an attorney for utilizing the services of LegalWorks in connection with a job search. Our fee is employer paid. Unlike many other search firms that work on retained searches, LegalWorks only accepts contingency fee agreements with law firms and corporations. A contingency fee structure means we are not beholden to any particular firm or company. This enables us to match attorneys with firms or corporations that will provide the best opportunity for a long term, rewarding relationship.