Partners & Associates

LegalWorks has a diverse clientele, including leading and emerging law firms and companies.  We combine our deep regional roots, with an expansive range. Our clients are located throughout the United States, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

In this dynamic legal market, a wide variety of opportunities exist for partners. Major international, regional and specialty boutiques are relying on lateral partners to implement their strategic planning. The influx of out of state firms into California has created numerous opportunities. In order to establish local offices, many of these firms prefer to merge with local firms or to hire individuals or groups of partners with regional ties. This provides a mutually beneficial situation, in that the local partners can draw upon the vast national resources of a firm while influencing the growth and atmosphere of a new office.

Typically, firms consider lateral partners who have an annual minimum of Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars in portable business. Exceptions are made for partners who have name recognition or a particularly desirable specialty. There are many new and interesting choices for partners. A discreet search may yield tremendous rewards.


Although we wish we could assist all attorneys,
LegalWorks’ clients ask us to introduce candidates who are graduates of the top twenty nationally ranked law schools and who graduated in at least the top twenty-five percent of their classes. The ideal candidate also will have been a member of law review or have graduated with honors. Exceptions to this profile exist for judicial clerks and for candidates who have expertise in intellectual property or other hard to find specialties. Our clients look for candidates who have a minimum of six months major law firm experience or who practiced with a corporation. The maximum number of job opportunities exist for associates with one to five years experience, or for partners with a portable book of business.

Please note that these are guidelines. We often can assist an attorney who has a unique skill set. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist law students or law school graduates who have no experience.