LegalWorks adheres to the strictest code of ethics as promulgated by the National Association of Legal Search Consultants. Our conduct is ethical and professional:
  1. Confidentiality is maintained.
  2. Resumes are only submitted with the candidate’s authorization.
  3. Essential information is provided.
  4. Phone calls are returned and communication is valued.
  5. We care about you and your career.

    LegalWorks values its relationship with each attorney. Phone calls typically are returned the same day. Advice rendered is motivated by what we feel is in the best interest of the individual and prospective employer, not our self-interest. We recognize that it is important to know what opportunities exist and to understand the trends of the legal market in order for an attorney to evaluate his or her present position. As such, we are happy to provide an attorney with information regarding opportunities, salaries and the legal community, even if the attorney is not contemplating a job change.