Established in 1987, LegalWorks is a preeminent legal search firm devoted solely to the placement of partner and associate attorneys, and to law firm mergers. Our clients include top tier international and domestic law firms, boutiques and corporations, in the entertainment, financial services, technology and energy industries.

LegalWorks’ business is relationship driven. We have worked with many of our clients for twenty-five years. These long-term relationships have enabled us to develop an understanding of the practices, atmosphere and culture of the firms that LegalWorks represents. Consequently, we are able to provide attorney candidates with insight into the subjective qualities of each firm. This information is key to enabling an attorney to decide which firm will be the right choice.

We appreciate the importance that a job search has to the overall career of each attorney. LegalWorks devotes serious attention and enthusiasm to each candidate that we assist. Our goal is that attorneys will be placed in mutually rewarding, long-standing positions.

Randi G. Frisch, founder and president of LegalWorks, has been a legal recruiter for more than 25 years and formerly practiced law. She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the Daily Journal, concerning legal recruiting issues. Randi was interviewed by Educational Broadcasting System television, South Korea's equivalent to PBS. She has spoken to members of the UCLA Business Alumni Association. The American Bar Association selected Randi to write the California chapter of Changing Jobs, a Handbook for Lawyers for the 90s. In addition, Randi is active in community work and politics. She served as Chief Financial Officer for L.A. Family Housing, which provides transitional housing and job training for homeless families. Randi served as Co-Chair of the Annual Giving Committee for the Mirman School for Gifted Children (2008-09 Lower School, 2009-2011 Upper School). She also participates in the formation of attorney fundraising groups for various causes. In that capacity, Randi is aware of the law firms, attorneys and companies that value pro bono work and community involvement.

Randi supports the following organizations:
Bet Tzedek Legal Services
Western Law Center for Disability Rights
L.A. Family Housing
Heal the Bay